SwingBall(?) – Wii

Keep in mind this is all really incomplete and the graphics and pretty much everything else is just placeholder stuff that will get replaced later. Also I would totally appreciate suggestions for an alternative title.

Nintendomax has been running a dev competition for the last roughly three and a half months and the deadline is quickly approaching with just a bit more then a week left now. So naturally I only found out about it a few days ago.

I’ve started work on a platformer though that I intend to submit. I’m planning for it to be essentially be a time trial thing (get from point A to point B before time runs out) and your going to be able to swing in it just because swinging is an inherently fun and awesome mode of transportation.

So far its probably like 75% done. The collision detection and movement all pretty much work the way it should. but its that last 25% that makes any game worth while so if your going to try it out set your expectations low.

If you want to mess around with making your own level for it its really easy to do so. Rather then sinking a ton of time into a level editor I setup the game to load its tile placements from generic BMP image files found in the MediaGameLevels folder. Both the width and height of the image have to be bellow 1000 but aside from that you can make your level any size you want. Just draw a black pixel anywhere that you want to place a regular solid tile, a green pixel for a tile that cant be swung from or a red pixel for a tile that will kill you on contact.

The games current background music is Tunnél Rush by ara.

So if you want to try out the crazy incomplete demo then hit the link.

Download Links for Wii version

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  1. I you will present your game on nintendomax wii dev competition, please post first binary on nintendomax

    Rules :
    – All games submitted must be unpublished TOTALLY on Wii. This implies that no project shall be presented was posted on another website before the close of the competition and must not have competed earlier under penalty of being automatically removed.

    Present your game on game section : http://www.nintendomax.com/viewforum.php?f=106

    Then you can post wherever you want…

  2. Ok first i wanted custom music, tried it, dont think it work[created ogg with same name as old ogg(replaced)] second i made a custom level with start finish etc. but my start was in a place where the ball could not fit. i tried changing 53 pixels to 40[same as individual block] but it changed size of ball only not size of ball effect. if u can veiw below pic you will see what i mean file:///E:/apps/SwingBall/Levels/Time%20Taker.bmp

    1. I’m not sure why your audio file isn’t working. SDL_Mixer (or at least its Wii version) seems a bit picky and random about what audio files do and don’t work. Re encoding the ogg file that your trying to replace the music with might help.

      I cant view the image. The address is to a storage device connected to your computer (presumably your SD card). So its accessible to you but not to anyone else that doesn’t have physical access to that storage device. The easiest way to share a file online is to upload it to a server that will distribute it to anyone who wants the file. ImageShack is a good option for images. Its free and if you don’t want to you don’t even need to make an account to upload an image.


  3. Lol I just got an email about this page because of the recent post made on it. I’m laughing because I just told someone recently that file:/// is a local/non-server hosted file and look my old post XD. And to think that now I am programming myself and it all started with cheatcodes and homebrew on wii. Well I do know now that in the game the ball is just slightly larger than a cube (pixel in bmp) and as such will get stuck if placed in a 1 by X or an X by 1 space. The music I tried to use did actually work but I think your sound codec speeds the music up 3x to 10x (i have not messed with it for a while so I don’t know anymore). The game other than that is great and like you said swinging is fun and awesome.

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