Swing Ball – Wii

I got a lot done.

There is actually a goal now. There is an onscreen timer that counts down from 30 and if it reaches zero you lose. There are things you can pick up to gain extra time. Your score is equal to how many seconds yo have left when you reach the end of a level. Your high score for each level (there are six at the moment) is automatically saved and gets displayed at the level selection screen.

I fixed problems relating to jumping well standing next to something (before standing next to a block would occasionally cause you to either not jump or jump too high). I added the ability to jump well you have a rope out just like you can when you don’t. Now you can control how high you jump by how long you hold down the A button. I generally just tweaked and perfected a bunch of things relating to your movement and collision detection.

Instead of there being nothingness outside of the game map now any tiles outside of the level are treated as generic solid blocks.

The sprites are still simple and similar to the previous ones but I think they look slightly better now. I also added a blue trailing effect behind your character that blurs and fades nicely.

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8 thoughts on “Swing Ball – Wii”

    1. Having multiple ball sizes is something I’ll do if I make a sequel but for now you should probably just design your levels to take the balls actual size into account.

  1. Is it possible to design my own levels (link for instructions)? I love this game even more than the ones I paid for. Wish there was a sequel. Thanks.

    1. You can definitely make your own levels. Just add a new BMP format image to the “Levels” folder (its in the SwingBall folder) and edit it to place things in the level. Check the “how to make a level.txt” text file (which is also in the Levels folder) to find out what colors to use to place things.

      Let me know if I’ve explained that poorly or if your stuck on anything.

      Its great to know that you like it. I don’t know when I’ll get around to doing a sequel but I would love to do one eventually. I did start working on a small update to the game a while ago. I’ll finish it now and post it later today.

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