run and gun wii game

Here is yet another Wii game I’ve started. I’m hoping that someone might have suggestions for what the game should be named. I’m not going to post a download link for it though until I have more complete as its really just an animation test at this point.

Its a side scrolling run and gun shooter in which you will be fighting against characters from classic 2d video games (Metroid, Castlevania, Mario, Sonic, etc). It is 2d but will have pre rendered 3d elements along with a ton of real time parallaxing (there is something really awesome about watching that pseudo 3d floor in motion).

If you have any ideas for a title or any features or characters or things that you would like to see in it then let me know. Along with being somewhat vaguely descriptive of the gameplay it would be nice if the title was some form of video game reference.

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