TheyDoNotDie R21 – Windows

I wouldn’t have bothered posting this until I had more done but I haven’t been working on it in a while and I wanted to get the latest of what I had online before moving on. I’m going to have something very related to this to share soon.

Its the twenty first release. Ninth since the switch from DarkGDK/DirectX to SDL/OpenGL.

The menu has been reworked and improved. Problems with tapping the E key have been corrected allowing you to consistently interact with objects like cars. The camera has been improved and now stays correctly positions well zooming in and out. Sound effects have been added. Audio is now handled with OpenAL instead of SDL_Mixer which is technically an improvement but has the downside of the game currently only supporting WAV files and not MP3s (the music selection screen hasn’t been updated to reflect the change so you need to stick with the default music). I began work on the level editor. Unlike the old one it actually has the same physics simulation running as it does in the actual game which is nice. You cant save anything from the level editor though so you still need to use the one from R12. There are likely other minor changes that I’ve forgotten about.

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