Dance Clone v0.4 – Wii

Here is the long overdue update to dance clone!

For those of you previously having trouble running it off of a USB storage device this should probably fix it for you. It will also of course still work perfectly from an SD card.

As requested you can now also play the game using a Classic controller D-Pad.

There are now hold notes (arrows that you need to hold down for an extended period of time rather then just tapping). The random step generator doesn’t use them yet so the step file for Rekcahdam’s Dance, NOW! (the included song) does have any. But if you import a Step Mania file (which I’m assuming is how most of you are getting most of your songs and step files anyways) that uses them then they will get used in the game.

After you select a song it will now not only check if the song has a Dance Clone step file but will also check what difficulty modes that file has tracks for rather then assuming its setup for all of them (a LOT of available Step Mania songs don’t actually have 5 difficulty modes). Instead of just making them unclickable now it wont even show buttons for difficulty modes that are unavailable.

There are a verity of other small fixes and changes and things. Some things should be faster and a very small portion of files that couldn’t be imported previously may now be importable and there should be fewer crashes. I also widened the range in which hitting a step will count as perfect instead of good.

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13 thoughts on “Dance Clone v0.4 – Wii”

    1. I was actually considering doing that. SM seems to be a more common format so working out the problems with the SM importer is still my main focus but I’ll definitely work in support for DWI files with the next version of the game. Thanks for recommending it. I wasn’t sure if there was really demand for it.

  1. I’ve downloaded this game and it’s ok but unfortunately when I try to load sm files the most of the times I get a black screen with an exception…am I missing something? Please let me know…I love DDR!

    1. Its possible that your doing something wrong but its just as likely (if not more likely) that the game has a problem with the SM file your trying to use (I’m still working out bugs). Could you post a link to wherever I can get some of the songs your having trouble with so I can use them for testing?

      1. I had actually been using some of those songs for testing 🙂

        I just tried them all out again (with the PC version of the game. I haven’t tried them on Wii yet.) and along with “Duel of Speed” a couple others worked for me (“Eating Candies” and “Destiny -Eclipse Mix-“) but it did crash when importing “Frozen Fire” and “Grip”. Interestingly enough though it did successfully import them and save the DC file before going down (so the songs where playable next time I loaded up the game).

        There are quite a few SM files that do this. I understand why many of them import with incorrect timing but I’m clueless as to whats causing seemingly random ones to consistently crash. Obviously its something that I’m trying to figure out but I’m somewhat at a loss so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get it working.

        I had been putting off releasing a pack of songs with the naive idea that I would be able to perfect the importer first. But I guess the glitchyness of it is even more of a reason to put out songs that are already converted to or made in Dance Clone format and working lol.

  2. you say:
    “But anyways I’m assuming most of you aren’t going to actually be using this to actually play the game. If your looking for a music game on PC then there are probably better alternatives. But now you can use this to importing / convert all of your Step Mania step files from the comfort of your computer before taking them over to play with Dance Clone on your Wii.”
    but i could not resist to play this on my wii 😛
    i was waiting for a game like this, so i cant leave this chance pass by to play this game because is very great to be for the wii

  3. Ive tried many files and always get error importing them, maybe a pc step converter would be a good idea for those of us getting problems…

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