Dance Clone v0.4 – Windows

Here is v0.4 of Dance Clone for Windows.

Its mostly the same as it is on Wii but not perfect. At least on my computer the music seems to get out of sync with the steps. On the upside bringing up that home/pause menu (hit the Esc key) pauses the music which doesn’t work with the Wii version.

But anyways I’m assuming most of you aren’t going to actually be using this to actually play the game. If your looking for a music game on PC then there are probably better alternatives. But now you can use this to importing / convert all of your Step Mania step files from the comfort of your computer before taking them over to play with Dance Clone on your Wii.

Download Links for Windows PC version

2 thoughts on “Dance Clone v0.4 – Windows”

  1. The desync also happens on my pc and 3 other pcs with the same song, but also great work things get perfect with time, just wondering if there could be a way to have color changing arrows like in ddr (it doens’t have to be the ddr ones) and on the wii i think it seems a bit difficult but how about using GX or some sort of engine to produce background anymations or make background visualizations that respond to the beat windows media player, winamp like?

  2. I would love to have some kind of optional visualization and rendering it isn’t really a problem (it would unavoidably have some effect on the frame rate but I’m sure I could probably do some kind of full screen effect without it being noticeable). The thing is that I don’t know how to go about getting any data on what audio is playing at the moment (aside from just whether or not is is playing) so I don’t know when a beat is occurring. Although I suppose I could easily have some kind of visual effect occur whenever a step is intended to be hit. In any case its definitely something I’m interested in though and I’ll look into it again in the future.

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