They Do Not Die v0.3 – Wii

There is an added level selection screen and all four of the maps from the PC version have been included. There is a level viewer (which will in the future become an editor). There is improved character sprite rotation. There are now progress bars to represent how much health and energy you have (which I find is a lot easier to quickly glance at rather then needing to read the numbers). I’ve started some test work with real time shadows (its a bit slow but you can hold down the 2 button to make the walls cast shadows). I also tweaked the speed of pretty much everything (movement speeds, health regeneration, how quickly excessive energy consumption harms you, etc) and I’ve began the process of making the game frame rate independent (movement speeds per frame adjusts based on how many frames are passing per second).

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9 thoughts on “They Do Not Die v0.3 – Wii”

  1. Is there going to be any kind of multiplayer in the future? I love this game, but it would be nice to be able to play with my friends.

    1. I was thinking I would have some kind of local multiplayer. I’ve never done online before and They Do Not Die probably isn’t such a great game to start with (with 250 zombies running around it would probably get pretty laggy). Originally I was going to do split screen but along with that being slower there are some problems that arise from allowing people to get far apart (I’m cheating things to keep the fairly large environments seeming constantly crowded wherever you go) so now I’m thinking it will need to be single screen co-op and limit people from getting too far away from the other players somewhat like in old multiplayer side scrolling games.

      Are there any specific kinds of multiplayer modes that you would like to have? Would you be interested in a split screen death match type game if it meant comparably few or no zombies in it?

      1. I read your new suggestions.

        I’m not going to drop the energy bar but I’m going to do some other things with energy. I look forward to hearing you rage about it 🙂

        Item pickups never really appealed to me much for this game (or at least the game its become) but the idea of knives does seem good. Finding like five single use knives somewhere and having the next five zombies that get close get automatically killed before they hurt you sounds like fun.

        A safe zone / goal point was something that was in the PC version and something that I figured I would bring back and work it into the editor but I suppose I could have it placed randomly. I would need to have the game setup to be able to determine if a location was accessible on the map so that it isn’t placed anywhere that was blocked off by a wall. But that wouldn’t be too hard. I had path finding in the PC version and I with a little work I could really get it going again and use it for placing things. Any kind of path finding will always be too slow for all those zombies but I could probably have a few smart NPCs using it. If I’m setting up the game for multiplayer then I could just have those co-op players be NPCs in single player mode. These are all things that appeal to me. Frack Dance Clone and the 20 other things I should be working on. I’m going to go get some more done on They Do Not Die. Bye.

  2. Yeah i probably should have specified a bit more what I was suggesting. I meant split-screen or co-op. Now that you say how it impacts the wii’s performance, I guess it would be a better idea to put all players in the same view and restrict movement relative to other players.

    Safe zone sounds awesome, right now im just finding a big room and hiding in the corner to make it easier. And being able to win would be nice also… right now its kinda like “nonstop mode”.

    Nice work though.

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