I wasn’t expecting them to arrive so soon but the Rock Guitar Thunder and Challenger Sports Pack X2 arrived yesterday! Thanks NintendoMax, Divineo and Assentek!

But now what do I do with them? Should I keep them? I remember at some point making fun of plastic Wii controller cases like the ones in the sports pack. But its kinda actually appealing to me now. The guns seem like they might be nice to use. I never got much use out of the official Wiimote sleeves I have but the colored ones included in the pack seem like they might be nice. The baseball bat attachment could even come in handy if I ever feel the need to bludgeon someone to death in the middle of a round of Wii Sports baseball. I also don’t really need another Wii guitar but I suppose I could add it to my pile of video game instruments.

The more important question though is what to do with the Wii when it eventually shows up (there is a Nintendo DSi XL + R4i + SDHC and Wii to be shared among first and second place and I’m assuming that EvilTroopa is choosing the DSi XL and related gear). I obviously already have a Wii so I don’t really need it. Whenever I begin working on online games I suppose it might help me for testing purposes to have more then one Wii but really I don’t think I would get much if any use out of it. I know some one that would sorta like it that I could give it to. Or I could be greedy and sell it.

If I do sell it then what should the money be spent on? I think I would feel guilty if I didn’t put any money gained from the competition towards something relating to the homebrew scene. It would be somewhat of a cruel joke if the competition resulted in me buying something non productive that consumed all my time and prevented me from creating new games. I don’t have a PSP or DS yet. It would be nice to be able to make games for either of them. Or I could hold onto the hypothetical money and use it to cover part of the cost of a 3DS once they are available and enabled for homebrew.

What do you think I should do with my winnings?

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    1. I haven’t received the Nintendo DSi XL + R4i SDHC or the Nintendo Wii which are to be shared with the first place winner.

      But I did get the Rock Thunder Guitar and Challenger Sports Pack X2.

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