The Video Game v0.1 – Wii

I’ve decided to name it The Video Game. A title that will surly enrage anyone attempting to discuss it or search for it. Enjoy.

I had been neglecting that run and gun Wii game I had started a while ago. So I went and did a bunch of work on it then scrapped most of it and then started working on it again.

Originally I was going to use actual character sprites ripped directly from recognizable classic games and have TVs both in the background and foreground with images of games playing on them. But it just looked like shit. So now there are no TVs (though I’m considering having game screen shots embedded directly into the walls) and I’m making 3d pre rendered models of the enemies (currently only the main invader from Space Invaders) constructed out of cubes which I think looks less out of place in the game.

The game is FAR from done but its in a semi playable state now so I figured I would post a download for it and you can test it out if you want to.

In the future there will be multiple kinds of enemies with different movement patterns and power ups and things. The game will also have an actual ending which not many if any of my games really do.

Download Links for Wii version

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