4 thoughts on “The Video Game v0.1 on video”

    1. Cool. I’ve never actually played portal but now that I think about it the game does sorta look like the vids and screen shots I’ve seen of it. Its also is (or will be) doing a lot of the same non intrusive wall writing kind of stuff I’ve read people praising portal for. There will be no menus or non interactive cut scenes or splash screens or anything like that. The minimal plot and any gameplay information will all be communicated by text in the games environment.

      1. Sounds interesting. You should add it to HBC, if you havent already submitted it or something. Yeah portal is epic epic epic cant wait till portal 2.

      2. Its playable at this point but I figured I would still wait to get more done before requesting it get added to the browser. Though it will probably get added without me doing so anyways. Everything else I make ends up getting added way before its really anywhere near ready for wide consumption.

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