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  1. Is there a way that the search bar on this site will let me search for songs or must I do that on stepmania? I can’t find any songs listed. I will try out this new app version on my wii when I get home. Right now I want to find songs that I like!

    1. There aren’t any songs on this site. I made Dance Clone but aside from the one included song I’m not providing any other music for it at the moment. Go to google and look for step mania songs.

    1. As I answered when you asked elsewhere I don’t know what bemainstream is and could not find anything relevant when searching for it on google.

      In the future I would appreciate it if you would choose one post about Dance Clone and make all of your related comments in that one place instead of spreading them out over multiple pages on the site.

  2. Ok. So have you gotten any songs to work for the wii yet at all and if so how did you do it? All help is appreciated. Sorry my ADHD is causing memory problems for me but I will try and remember this time around. I still have your links for the other songs so I will use those to test the app out with the wii.

    1. As I mentioned before Burning Me Up does work. Its part of StepMix 1 winners pack 1.


      to import a song you place the music file (mp3) and the step mania file (sm) in the music folder. then when your at the song selection screen just select the song (it lists all mp3s in the music folder). at the following screen click the button labeled “import step chart”. This will bring you to another screen which will list all of the sm files in the music folder. Just select the sm file that goes along with the music file you had previously selected. It will then generate a dc (that is the dance clone step chart format) based on the selected sm file and will give it the correct filename to associate it with selected mp3 file.

      1. is good to hear that because ill do a video of each version you release with many songs or if you want i can test some songs too

  3. I actually tried to bring in a couple of Stepmania files into this from Zenius-i-Vanisher (dunno if you know of it, but it offers Simfiles of all kinds of DDR songs)

    However, I’m willing to bet it’s the music, but when I gave it a spin, the arrows were fairly off in timing, and stepping to it was not possible to do comfortably with such extra strict timing. could this be fixed?

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