Hypno Blast v0.2 – Wii & Windows

Here is the update I promised.

I added a scoring system. Every ball you click gets you 5 points and if you set a new high score its automatically saved. There is also a health bar that drops down whenever a ball gets out of reach. If you miss five balls then the game resets. I made the aiming a bit more forgiving. Now if you click near enough to a ball it will count as if you hit it even if the exact pixel that your pointing at isn’t actually within the ball. I added background music (Inside The Shell by KatazTrophee). I improved performance. The game was already frame rate independent so the speed of the gameplay is unaffected but it plays smoother now. I also added four player co op along with classic controller support for all 4 wiimotes.

Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version

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    1. There is no actual installation required. You just extract the contents of the rar file and run the exe.

      Could you elaborate on what the system error what? What did it say?

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