5 thoughts on “We Are Nowhere v0.1 – Wii & Windows”

  1. This sounds cool, but running the Windows version only gives me blank dialog options. Must something in particular be installed?


    1. So its working (its not crashing and its still interactive) but the text isn’t being displayed? I’m guessing there is something preventing it from loading the images that the game uses.

      Can you see the Wii style hand cursor? When you hit the Esc key does a menu come up with buttons and text on them? Is the “Media” folder and its contents (its should have a “Game” and “WiiDash” subfolder and the “WiiDash” one should have a few images in it) in the same location as WeAreNowhere.exe?

      1. Sorry, false alarm!

        It turned out that the application I used to unpack the archive, IZarc2Go, mashed all the files into the one folder, ignoring the structure. 7zip did this correctly.

        My apologies, and thanks again.

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