5 thoughts on “SwingBall v1.1 on video”

  1. Is there a simple way to have custom song list to pick from within the game?

    Also, when you fail could you make a replay button? This would be much less frustrating. lol

    Can’t wait to try v1.1, thanks.

    1. A replay button would be incredibly easy to add and something that in retrospect I really should have included. I’ll add it the next time I update the game.

      I haven’t been particularly lucky with music on Wii. The audio library I’ve been using for the Wii version of Dance Clone works fine for playing a single mp3 file but doesn’t really allow for mixing multiple sounds together which means that I can’t have sound effects in any game that uses it. Its also Wii specific which means that I can’t use it on any platform other then Wii. So that’s why I’ve been using SDL_Mixer for all my other games (including SwingBall). But for whatever reason the Wii version of SDL_Mixer seems to really suck. I couldn’t get it to work without cutting out its mp3 support (it will still load ogg files which are just as good but realistically most people have their music in mp3 format). It seems to fail loading certain random ogg files. It also seems to be distorting everything it plays (check out the Wii and PC versions of SwingBall and you will notice it sounds slightly different on Wii). So anyways yeah music just isn’t really something I really want to deal with… If really you want to mute the games default music just delete the “ara_-_Tunn_l_Rush.ogg” in the “MediaGame” folder or if you want to replace it with another song it will probably work if you put it in the same folder and give it the same name.

  2. Wow this is such great news! Also, I’ve created a level which requires a new strategy of making the ball “walk on stilts”. Should I post a link here or do you wanna make a website section for fan made levels?

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