They Do Not Die v0.4 – Wii & Windows

Here is a long overdue update for They Do Not Die. It doesn’t do everything I was planning but has a few additions.

The level viewer has officially become WYSIWYG level editor. You can edit levels but not create them so if you want to make a new level without overwriting one of the preexisting ones you will need to go copy one of them in the “Maps” folder. I would love to see any new levels that anybody makes so post links in the comments.

There is single screen co-op play now. You can have up to four players and you all share the same health and energy bar. When playing with multiple people the camera stops repositioning itself based on where your pointing and instead places itself in the middle of all the players. There are invisible walls keeping you from getting too far away from each other.

There is also a Windows version now. Yeah, that’s right, I made a PC game then restarted making the game and then started again on Wii only to then port its incomplete Wii version back to PC. Give me a few more years and I’ll have an even more incomplete build of it available for PC that will have been designed for xbox 720. The PC version is single player only.

Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version

alternate links:
Download Links for Wii version
Download Links for Windows PC version

Don’t forget to go grab Mr Reaper’s character reskins if you want to replace the arrows with something more humanoid.

11 thoughts on “They Do Not Die v0.4 – Wii & Windows”

    1. Yep. I’ve already placed my pre order. I’m dreading the inevitable red hexadecagon of death and the per minute fee for online play but I think it will be cool overall and I’m generally looking forward to writing homebrew for xbox 720. 2013 is going to be a great year for gaming.

  1. Yes! Co-op! 😀 I’m guessing you are already putting it in the homebrew browser? I hate to take my sd card out.

    Also, do you think you could change the music speed on the file rather than slowing it down? I want to replace the music with “Il pleure dans mon coeur” which is an equally sad song which is already kind of a slow song already. If you could leave speed up to the file then i could not have extremely slow singing XD.

    And great job! You are my favorite wii dev!

    1. Thanks 🙂

      I put in a request just now for it to be added to the homebrew browser. It should be added in a week. Updates are done on Sundays so it just missed one.

      I’m not intentionally slowing down the song and I’m not sure how to correct it. It seems to be a problem with SDL_Mixer (the audio library I’m using) on Wii. The code for the audio is exactly the same for the PC version and it plays the music correctly.

      1. Oh well thats weird… I thought it was slowed down to make it sound sadder or something. Yeah I wanted to mod it further, I edited the image with the pointers and replaced them with colored crosshairs.

        I tried to speed up the song, speed and pitch so it would sound normal but I failed to figure out how much to speed it up by.

  2. P.S. Me and my friend would love to see any of these features added on:

    Save games
    Multiple weapons/upgrades
    Weapons store
    Some kind of currency:
    -kills as currency?
    -or maybe “experience”
    possible save points on maps to save/enter store
    or separate save points and store entrances
    or maybe a store building, you decide.
    My friend desperately wants shotguns and grenades.

    So yeah if you ever need ideas…
    I mainly want a store.

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