Successfully compiled and packaged

Oh Procrastination, You beautifully cruel temptress. There are so many things I should be doing. So many of my past games are in desperate need of updates. I’ve still never gotten around to trying out online stuff with SDL_net. I’ve still haven’t written anything with my new DSi and I want to have something to submit for NintendoMax’s upcoming competition. I’m waiting on art assets at the moment but there are still things I could be doing for that collaberative chatterbot game I mentioned previously which is under a deadline for another upcoming competition. I should also really be working on The Prophecy which is really close to being ready for a single chapter demo release. There is also this racing game I’m working on for a competition over at SDLTutorials. But I have an open PS3 and its gotten me not only sidetracked but positivity giddy about it.

Today (actually yesterday but I thought it hadn’t worked at the time lol) I got the test app included with PS3 SDK v1.92 to correctly compile (if your trying to do the same and getting stuck then ignore any shit you read online and just follow whats in the doc included with the SDK at docSDK_docenchm) and got it into a usable pkg file (PS3 SDK Package Maker and PacKaGe GUi both gave me trouble but PS3 PKG tool v0.6 worked wonders).

Its a simple but sorta nice little demo. Its in 3d (meaning polygonal not “3D” TV kind of 3d) and you can move the camera with the analog sticks. It doesn’t seem like anyone has posted it elsewhere so if anyone wants it you can get it here. I reused the package.conf, package.sfo and ICON0.PNG from Lachrymose3’s pong game so it will appear as pong in the xmb and if you have that installed it will get overwritten.

Download Links for PS3 version

Now the real fun begins. I’m going to start writing my own original PS3 homebrew. I might even have somethign to share as soon as tomorrow.