Maze Generator v1.0 – PS3

Maze Generator randomly generates mazes. You play as a red circle and can navigate the mazes using the directional pad. A new maze is generated when you reach the red square at the end.

Unlike the previously released Wii and PC versions it doesn’t have music, a textured background, a menu, or multiple options for maze sizes and you cant watch the mazes being generated. But what it does have that they lacked is a 3d camera system. You can move it around freely using the analog sticks.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue working on improving this. I’m fairly happy with how it is already but if people like it and have any suggestions for improvements then I’ll add them.

I’ve already moved on to another PS3 game though. Its going to be a first person shooter with destructible environments. its working out well so far and I might even have an early demo of it to share as soon as tomorrow.

Download the PS3 version

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Download the PS3 version