Maze Generator v1.0 – PS3 source code

I wasn’t really expecting there to be any demand for it. There is a shortage of information on developing for PS3 but Maze Generator is essentially the same as the testapp included with the SDK (I’m using v1.92 but I assume the same examples are included with the other leaked versions of the SDK) with only relatively minor alterations. I suppose the code for the actual maze generation might be of some interest but its not in any way PS3 specific and there is tons of info on depth-first search already available online. But in any case, based on the comments on other sites it seems like people just really want source code. So here it is.

I would love to see anything that people make using it or any improvements you make to it.

Download the PS3 version’s Source Code

alternate links:
Download the PS3 version’s Source Code

When I have an updated version of Cubicle Shooter ready I’ll include the source code for it with it.

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