The World Drowns – Windows


Look what I dug up. Its slightly more complete then the last build of the game I posted over 9000 years ago. So why would I bother getting this out now rather then leaving it to slowly succumb to bit rot in one of my my binders of DVDs? Because well this iteration of the game may have been long abandoned I am still working on it in a way. I’ve started working on a PS3 version.

Download the Windows version
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7 thoughts on “The World Drowns – Windows”

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing your ps3 brew. Bookmarked the site and look forward to your work. Remember some of us are on 3.15 and stay away from that 3.41 sdk!! Thank you!

    1. There isn’t any way to get anything compiled with the 3.41 SDK to run on earlier firmware? Cool. That gives me some extra justification to be lazy and stick with the 1.92 SDK. lol. 1.92 is working fine for me so I don’t see any reason for me to switch to the newer one anyways.

  2. why didnt you post that video on psx-scene aswell? when you released your first source 🙂 it looks really nice , also how the player model moves… but you need to get some 3d artists to get this game forward. Im still working on some stuff for your game, Im just learning Blender3d atm 😀

    I start off with some terrains for the game if you like, they are easy to do :O post them later on psx-scene, they will be using heightmaps..

    1. Because the video differs fairly significantly from what I had done for the PS3 version. Its going to be a while until I get animation working like that and even longer before I start doing that kind of shading on PS3. I didn’t want to misrepresent what I had done and get people mad when they download and run the pkg and realized the PS3 version is just un animated wire frames.

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