The World Drowns v0.1 and source code – PS3

The World Drowns is (or will be) a 3D homebrew PS3 action RPG game.

To be clear I want to begin by saying that I don’t actually recommend anyone bother with downloading this. It is not a particularly accurate representation of my expectations for the final game. At this stage in development it is simply a non game comprised of a hacked together sequence of kludges. Its garbage.

Well making it its purpose was primarily for testing out obj format mesh loading. The reasoning for posting it though is is simply that I thought it would be easier to attract artists if I had some form of a demo to show of the game that I want them to contribute to.

I’m looking for people to create the 3d models, textures and eventually animations for the characters and environments. So if your interested in pitching in then let me know.

Download the PS3 version
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Download the PS3 version’s Source Code
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7 thoughts on “The World Drowns v0.1 and source code – PS3”

  1. I can do 3d models and texture using 3d maya also secondary animation for the environment but I’m mostly specailist at modelling both low poly and hi-res. Let me know if you are interested thanks

  2. I can help you in 3D modeling , texturing and animamtion environnement .

    Skype : jade2293
    MSN : jade2293[@]

  3. i can do 3d modeling, texture, animation, dynamics with only autodesk maya. I have a powerful desktop that can handle like anything.
    If you are interested come drop me off an email

  4. I can help with modeling, texturing and animation in Maya for characters and backgrounds. Shoot me an email if your interested.

  5. Just so you know I’m not going to bother emailing all of you. Maybe later when I’m in need of something specific (rather then needing everything) I’ll start hounding people down but right now if your waiting for a response you shouldn’t be. You don’t need my permission to contribute. If you want to work on this game or any other then just make stuff for it and if I like it then I’ll use it.

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