Cubicle Shooter v0.3 and source code – PS3

Here is another updated version of Cubicle Shooter.

Notable changes:
There are now enemies represented with a textured 3d model
Enemies turn to face you, move towards you, fall from gravity, have the same collision detection as you, bump into both you and each other, and are pushed back when shot
Game saves are now stored on the internal hard drive
Games saves now record blasts and enemies

Move – Left analog stick
Aim – Right analog stick
Shooter – R1
Jump – X
Save – Select
Load – Start

Download the PS3 version
Alternate links

Download the PS3 version’s Source Code
Alternate links

14 thoughts on “Cubicle Shooter v0.3 and source code – PS3”

  1. Damn!! Nice Job! Im very impressed the way you code through the ps3 sdk. So you now have the ability to program the gl code on the ps3? why not porting the Quake 3 Engine? That would be very cool. PC vs PS3!!!

    1. I don’t really deserve any credit for getting OpenGL working on PS3. PSGL (which is essentially a port of Opengl ES 1.0) is part of the SDK. It and GCM are the only real options you have for rendering on PS3.

      A quake 3 port is more work then it might seem like but still totally possible. Even if I don’t I have no doubt that someone will port it over sooner or later.

      1. Still I think its a great job! I’ve looked through your code and it’s basically writing a code from step 1 of the libraries from NEHE GL. Only using PSGL. The App is running very smooth on the console.

        One question though, is it possible to write a fps count to show on the screen?

    1. It depends on when you start counting. I didn’t begin working on this game in specific until I had completed the PS3 version of Maze Generator according to word press I posted on the 11th so its been two weeks since I started.

      1. I’m interested, when you program can you test it on the pc or do you always need to transfer it to the ps3?

        Keep up the good work!

        1. I’m fairly certain that it should be possible to compile a PC version to test with but the resulting executables never run properly on my computer. So I’ve been packaging, transferring and installing the game on my PS3 for testing with every edit. It really does slow down the process of game development…

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