Cascade Beneath v0.1 and source code – PS3


Full disclosure: The above YouTube video is a recording of the game running on PC and not PS3. The game is identical on PS3 though.

Cascade Beneath is a simple clone of the equally simple game Fall Down. Use the left analog stick to move left and right and try to keep from getting pushed off the top of the screen for as long as possible.

Download the PS3 version
Alternate links

Download the PS3 version’s Source Code
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9 thoughts on “Cascade Beneath v0.1 and source code – PS3”

  1. How did you get the code to run on a PC?
    Is it a PC version or did you make the PS3 version run on the PC?

    1. Its a PC version. I haven’t built a PS3 emulator or anything like that.

      The sample test app included with the leaked SDK that I’ve been building off of came with a vcproj file already setup to compile for Windows. Previously everything I had tried compiling for PC would crash for me but it turned out all I had to do to get it working was comment out the stuff relating to PS3 controller input.

  2. hi dude 😉

    First congrats for all your work i have seen(wii/ps3).

    Seconds, i also moved to ps3, i have only release a little preview PS3noid, but i have done lot of code still in my bag 😉

    i have already ported numerous music replay routine, as mod/s3m/xm/it etc… perhaps you could be interrested in adding easily some music to your prod ?

    just contact me 😉


  3. Cool beans 🙂 This puts god of war 3 in the shade!
    Seriously though, good work & especially thanks for releasing source with your releases.

  4. Hi. Can I ask a favor? Can you upload to different upload sites? Like or is blocked in MANY countries believe it or not. You can put you alternate download sites on different areas so others can get at them. Otherwise, it is sad that lots of people can’t get at your code.

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