Tank demos and source code – Windows

Here is some old stuff I put together ages ago back when I was still using Dark Basic Pro. Haters gonna hate but I still think DBPro is pretty great and fills a nice niche for noobs that want more control then they would get from a drag and drop interface but aren’t ready to learn C++. Although I’ll confess that Unity 3D has become a totally viable if not superior alternative for that. But back on subject I think I may have intended this to become one at some point but its not a game. its just a sort of animation with two AI armies of tanks fighting. The source code for everything is included for anyone that wants it.

Download the Windows version + source code
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One thought on “Tank demos and source code – Windows”

  1. Its a fun sim to watch, but most of them get 3-10 fps on my computer. Only 1 gets higher and it gets 100 fps.

    I think this could be a really fun game if you finished it, like a war sim game.

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