Cubicle Shooter v0.5 and source code – PS3

Another update for Cubicle Shooter.

Notable changes:
Improved frame rate.
The enemy count has been raised from 25 to 100.
Added movable chairs.
Added a loading screen.
Added running. Just hold down the left analog stick well moving forward to enable it. The camera does a nice wobble from side to side when your running.
Added camera zoom. Hold down L1 to enable the scope. Turning speed is a bit slower when zoomed in which makes it easier to aim at things in the distance.
Added a little bit of momentum / smoothing on the camera rotation. Its faster and more responsive then it is in Killzone 2 but it enough to make it feel smoother and it makes it a bit easier to make slight aiming adjustments.
Increased rate of fire again.
Corrected the width of the 2D elements (the on screen text and the reticule) to take into account the screens aspect ratio. The scope for the newly added camera zoom disregards this and stretches to fit the screen.
Once again game saving/loading has been updated to work with the new additions so your old game save wont work correctly.
By holding down triangle you can split the screen in two with the bottom half displaying whats behind you. Its a feature that I don’t really intend to leave it but its a test and a small first step towards split screen multiplayer.

Move – Left analog stick
Run – L3
Aim – Right analog stick
Shoot – R1
Zoom – L1
Jump – X
Save – Select
Load – Start
split screen backwards view – Triangle

Download the PS3 version
Alternate links

Download the Source Code
Alternate links

10 thoughts on “Cubicle Shooter v0.5 and source code – PS3”

    1. Would you mind deleting it from your PS3, downloading it again from here

      (I just downloaded it from there and tested it and its working for me but its possible that the file may be in some way corrupted at one of the other sites that are hosting it or something may have gone wrong when you downloaded it the first time) and reinstalling it.

      Is the game actually installed on your internal hard drive (I haven’t tried it but I vaguely remember reading something about newer loaders letting you play homebrew from a USB storage device like you can with backups of disc based retail games)? If so is it installed at “dev_hdd0/game/CUBE66666/” (you can use Comgenie’s Awesome FileManager to check)?

      Does it freeze in game or before it even starts? Do you even see the loading screen or does the screen just remain black from when you left the XMB? Does it happen randomly or constantly?

      What firmware version are you running?

      Do previous versions of the game work for you?

      1. Hey i just tried the newest version and im getting the same problem , im on firmware 3.41 , is it possible it could be the payload im using (hermesv4b)?

        1. Ok i got it it work , i know for sure that if you download it from your Hotfile upload that one works for sure, you main download and the one on Psx-scene i believe are corrupt. Im playing it right now thanks again!

  1. Hey i just wanted to tell you that this is one of the best home brew out for the ps3, you have brought hours upon hours of fun for my 3yo son , he thinks it’s the funniest game he has ever played! I’ll be uploading a video of him playing it on you tube so you can see that your hard work isn’t going to waist , as soon as i get paid i will send you a donation as well, Thank you Again!

  2. Thank you very much 🙂 I will try to donate what little I can soon as well. We got a lil homebrewer in training hehe.

  3. I think I know what is going wrong. There are some important variables that left uninitialized and just assumed to be zero at the start. The next update to the game will correct this.

  4. As an keen gaming fan, I simply wished to pop you a brief note
    to say thank you for placing this great info up.

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