Neo Race v0.1 and source – PS3


This is an early build of a racing game with sixaxis controls. Just tilt your PS3 controller left and right to turn and hold X to accelerate.

It has a similar art style (because its incredibly quick and easy to make art assets that looks like this by comparison to making something pseudo photo realistic) as Neo Tanks but they are otherwise completely unrelated.

At the moment all you can do is go around the track and possibly drive off it and onto the buildings bellow. But there will eventually be actual racing, split screen multiplayer and (here comes what I consider the mildly cool part which will still be totally unimpressive by comparison to ModNation Racer but is kinda nice next to Track Mania) an in game track editor which will NOT be limited to a grid.

I know I start too many side projects but I’m not abandoning anything. I’ve been doing a good job of going back and improving on Cubicle Shooter and I do intend to do the same with this and everything else. In fact the next thing I’m planning to work on is fixing up Dont Get Crushed.

Download the PS3 version
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Download the Source Code
Alternate links

Oh and does anyone know what the deal is with fog in PSGL? It works fine on PC but on PS3 it just turns the entire screen completely black and ruins the frame rate.

12 thoughts on “Neo Race v0.1 and source – PS3”

  1. why don’t you just give it up already. no one wants to play your pathetic homebrew games that look like atari 2600 games. this is a ps3 with top-notch graphics and you make it look like colecovision. no wonder why sony does not want homebrew run on their machines. you are a prime example of what not to do. keep your crap to yourself.

    1. You really studied your console history well. But you forgot to mention the Odessy and pong consoles.

      Nice game, I enjoyed it.
      You should speed up the car a little. You could also add R2 for acceleration and L2 for deceleration.
      I can’t wait for split screen.
      Keep up the good work.

    2. This is a really good concept dev, congrats.
      You are really experienced. Did you think of making an mkv player? Many people would need it.

    3. Id like to see you make a game that matchs up to God of War III all by yourself Are you even aware of the hard work it takes to make this stuff? Its not easy and its down right hard by yourself. Do you even know how many people worked on GOWIII and all the other pretty ps3 games? Way more then 1.

      1. where did i say it has to be GOWIII quality? but it does not have to be commodore 64 quality either. actually i am sorry, i should not disrespect commodore 64 like that. i love that system and still play the games on emulators. but all this dude does is put out crap after crap so he can be the first to make homebrew games for the PS3. wow. i rather be the first to put out a QUALITY homebrew game for the PS3 instead of multiple shitty games that people, and let’s be honest, will never play. sure you may try it out one time just to see what it is about and then put it down forever. who is going to play these crappy games over PS3 games.

  2. Hey, thanks, this looks VERY promising for a 0.1 release. And sixaxis homebrew hooray! 🙂 Um I want to play his games, Furthermore, I dig the style hes using, basic but appealing. Updates from him make my day on the homebrew scene, but thanks for being a $#*%. Keep up the good work, need to work on getting paypal so I can donate to you.

  3. Wow! It seems like you got some haters man LOL. Its sort of ridiculous for someone to leave such a negative comment that doesn’t even give any criticism on the game project itself. Instead they try to discourage you from making games because apparently the PS3 only accepts games that look like Crysis 3. SIGH

  4. Also Great work on your games! i havent tried this one yet. but i played Cubicle shooter For a lot long then i thought i would XD any chance Sound effects are comeing soon? that was the only thing that made me stop playing lol.

  5. This is my favorite homebrew game. It looks fantastic, the sixaxis is just perfect. Please, keep up with this game. Really, do some update, this is so far the best homebrew game.

  6. Wow! This game is amazing!

    I can’t believe the quality. Thank you, there is no need to buy games on PS3 anymore, thank to those kind of homebrew. I just play 12 straight hours of Neo Race, it’s much better than wipeout

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