Cubicle Shooter v0.6 and source – PS3

Yet another updated version of Cubicle Shooter.

Notable changes:
I believe I’ve corrected what was causing the previous version to crash for a lot of people.
Added two player split screen multiplayer
Added a menu system
Added the ability to record a screenshot (its saved to any USB storage device that is connected)
Chairs can be shot now (they don’t break but they get pushed back)
Added computers (they are treated similarly to how chairs are treated)
Now you shoot when you first press R1 regardless of how much or little time has gone since you last shot (so you can shoot faster by quickly tapping R1 then you do from just holding it down)
Jumping now only happens when you first press X (holding it down wont make you repeatedly jump every time you hit the ground)
I removed the triangle for reverse view thing

Move – Left analog stick
Run – L3
Aim – Right analog stick
Shoot – R1
Zoom – L1
Jump – X

Download the PS3 version

Alternate links

Download the Source Code
Alternate links

Let me know if the second player controls are working. I only have one controller to test with.

5 thoughts on “Cubicle Shooter v0.6 and source – PS3”

  1. Hey, great update! I can also confirm multiplayer works fine! Fantastic news that you have splitscreen multiplayer framework. Thanks for the update. 🙂

  2. This version works for me.

    I have seen a few bugs though.
    Once you dig a deep enough hole the hole becomes inverted (makes a mountain that goes up into the sky).

    Since there the player can fire quickly by tapping the button, its very easy to get 9999 wall cuboids, and then when you shoot the wall large chunks of the wall disappear.

    When I select Exit to the main menu, and if there are a lot of wall cuboids, The main menu pop ups but I have to wait a couple of seconds until I can select something (maybe you could add a loading screen).

    I also couldn’t seem to get my screenshots to save, should I have pictures folder on my usb drive?

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