A couple days ago I reformatted my hard drive and did a clean install of windows and for some as of yet unknown reason I’m now running into problems getting PC versions of any of my PS3 stuff to compile with Visual Studio. No worries though. I’m sure I’ll get it working again sooner or later…

On the upside compiling PS3 builds with MSYS/MinGW is still working fine. So I can still put together new stuff. But its significantly more time consuming needing to test everything on PS3. Especially when trying to implement something I’m new to that’s causing problems.

In other news I’ve gotten some good results improving frame rates using vertex buffer objects. So you can look forward to that in the next release of Cubicle Shooter. Although I find it actually worsens the experience for reasons that I’ll get into later.

I’ve also started work on something new which I’ll have ready to share some time soon.

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