indie game shout out: The Prophecy


The Prophecy is a Castlevania style side scrolling brawler for Wii that I was making in collaboration with Ezekiel Rage and the first level of it is now available. But I can’t take any credit for it. I’m doubtful about how much if any of what I wrote remains in the game. Even the collision system has a different feel to it (as much as I love me some smooth sliding circle on rectangle collision I’ll confess that the more rigid and responsive collision in place now makes more sense for this game style). I moved on from it to focus more on PS3 stuff and Ezekiel got another developer called Daid to finish up the programing side of things. Which has clearly worked out for the best. Not only is it more complete then when I last contributed but its undeniably better. I’ve only tried it out on PC so far but I feel comfortable saying that its probably the best original homebrew game made for Wii so far. I highly recommend downloading it.

Click here to check it out.

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