DS homebrew and competitions

As I mentioned in my post about the latest release of Neo Race I’m likely not going to be doing any work on PS3 for the remainder of the month. The reason being that well I have had my DSiXL for a while now I still hadn’t gotten around to developing any of my own homebrew for it and NintendoMax has been running a dev competition for DS homebrew. I would obviously love to participate in their compo and with the deadline set at December 31st. That gives me only roughly 20 days to familiarize myself with developing for DS and to make something awesome.

So today I finally sat down and began trying some stuff out on DS and its going incredibly well so far. I haven’t really decided yet what kind of game I’m going to make. Perhaps a first person shooter/platformer with gravity control. I’m also considering perhaps doing a 3D remake of Swingball but its a fairly inherently 2D game and giving it 3d gameplay raises a lot of questions for how the controls and camera would be best handled. In any case I’ve got a pretty nice demo running already. If the rest of the undecided games development goes as smoothly I might even finish early and have time to go back and fix up my entry for SDLtutorials racing game competition which was pushed back to the same date.

As a side note one really great thing about developing for DS is the availability of well functioning emulators with reasonably low system requirements. There is no need to transfer to DS to test every little change or to make edited versions of the game specifically for PC. All you need to do is compile the game for DS and run it in an emulator. The games fog isn’t showing up for me in NO$GBA and there are obviously some variations in performance but otherwise its exactly the same as it is on DS. There are few things that speed up the development process more then having a ultra quick way to test what you are working on.

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