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    1. I saw your comment on the site but I’m not sure what would be causing it. Does it work if you comment out the contents of Game_setuptext() or does it just fail at the next images it tries to load? Could you try editing the the addresses for the files the game loads (the font images in game_text.h, the other images in game_setup.h and the map in game_main.h) to whatever their absolute address is instead of being relative?

      1. i got image loading in debug mode working by adding these lines to the init() function

        int flags = IMG_INIT_PNG;
        int initted = IMG_Init(flags);
        if(initted != flags) {
        printf(“IMG_Init: %sn”,IMG_GetError());

        in release IMG_Init failes…

        in debug menu displays fine, musics working but
        when playing, only car arrow and goals are displayed, the ground is pure black

        btw: my os is win7 64bit


        1. Is map.dat in the same folder as the executable? Sorry if it wasn’t obvious that it needed to be. I know I really should have been stored in the media folder like everything else…

          1. a step forward…
            at least it tries to load it.,. and then crashes again with a heap error?

            the ifstream filebuffer is still empty after loading

            also tried fopen to check if the file is loaded , but it isn’t

            i even tried putting it in

            also tried with different files!?
            none of them gets loaded o.0

            iam gonna try to put the source in a new project maybe it will help ?

            i’ll post soon


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