The internet made TOSS possible

As I said yesterday there is a LOT of borrowed stuff that went into making That Other Space Shooter. I don’t think I’ve ever put together a game that used so much stuff that I hadn’t made myself.

The textured sky was made from an image on Nasa’s website titled Sisters of the Dusty Sky. It was edited to be usable as a skybox with the assistance of a nicely written guide by The Commie. As a side note I just want to say that Adobe Photoshop CS5’s content aware fill is magic.

The quaternion rotation class used to avoid gimbal lock was written by Coldon. You can find their dev blog here.

The ship used is’s Low Poly – Spaceship.

The texture for the asteroids was provided by It was lightly edited mostly just to make it less green.

Sphere on polygon overlap detection used in bumping ships against asteroids is from

2 thoughts on “The internet made TOSS possible”

  1. Hey, I saw you asking about signing your games elsewhere. Just please make sure you do one using make npdrm, but dont use the finalize package, so that those of us on older firmwares can play your games without jailbreaking please. Finalize pkg tool is the one that is used to make it for Geos, but if you just use the npdrm tool, the rest of us can use it, if you didn’t already find out. If you don’t feel like releasing seperate pkgs, make sure you keep releasing source please. There will be people hanging on to 3.41 until backup kinks are worked out, and some of us are still stuck hanging onto lower firmware to wait and see if otherOS gets put back into a CFW. Thanks a lot, and That Space Shooter has some really great controls, once theres a bit of AI, and a bit more diversity in the environment and props, this could be a game to just sit and zone out and enjoy. Thanks as always.

    1. OK. I was already planning to make the source code available with the next release of the game (my apologies for not doing so with this first one). But I’ll save you some time and put out an old style PKG along with it. Thanks for asking. I hadn’t realized that homebrew signed for geohots CFW wasn’t working on older firmware even in jailbreak mode.

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