Playing until the doomsday clock hits midnight

There is of course only speculation on how Sony will be responding to whats been happening lately. They are pretty much powerless at this point but they will undoubtedly at least make an attempt to lock things down once again. Will they finally unleash the full fury of the PSN ban hammer? If so will people banned eventually be able to recover through further modding? How long do we have until the next official firmware update hits?

In any case I am for the first time in over 9000 years back on the latest firmware version (a patched version of it obviously but nevertheless the latest). This means I’m back on PSN again. Huzzah. So feel free to add me. My PSN ID is, as before, SomeOtherPerson.

On the subject of homebrew; Why wont Geohot’s make_self_npdrm.exe work!? I think I’m using it correctly but the bin files it outputs are only ever roughly 500kb (with the elf file I’m attempting to sign being nearly 20 times that size) and completely unusable. Anyone willing to tolerate my stupidity and help me out?

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  1. Greetings, as near I can tell, make_self will output smaller files. I have NO idea if its compressing or stripping out unnecessary parts, but pkgs that work using it are notably smaller. An unexpected benefit no doubt. However, I also have had nothing but problems using the exe of the tool. When I use it to turn and elf into EBOOT, repack and fire them up, they install, but it just goes to a black screen, then back to XMB. I’m really not sure. I would also love to know. I also can’t get his tools to compile in Linux, but I have barely messed with that so far. Hope this info helps, try your smaller EBOOT anyway, it may just be fine.

    1. I’m not sure why it black screening for you or why I’m STILL getting error messages when running what I believe to be a correctly signed copy of That other Space Shooter but I just got Neo Race working and your right about it being normal for the file size to be smaller.

  2. Its a constant struggle to lock things down nowadays. I never liked the route sony took with the ps3. I imagine as soon as they figure thinks out the system software itself will be run from Sony headquaters

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