Neo Race v0.2 – PS3

Just a moment ago I finally got a homebrew game of mine to actually work on Geohots patched 3.55 firmware! I have no idea why its working (I did everything exactly the same as I have tried with That Other Space Shooter which I’m still having problems with) but whats important is that it does work. So here is Neo Race v0.2 for PS3. There have been no changes to the game since the last time I posted it back in December. Its just been signed and repackaged.

Download the signed PS3 version
Alternate links

Update Cubicle Shooter gives me the same 80029533 error as That Other Space Shooter! Why!? There is nothing unique about Neo Race or how I went about signing it and yet it works which confirms that I’m doing this correctly and there is no reason why it shouldn’t also work with all of my homebrew. There is no rhyme or reason to this…

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  1. :D!!! i installed it!! most addictive game ever!!! I <3 U!!! the only thing that u could do tho is give it like a lapp timer n when u make the track u can choose how many laps u want to do. and maybe like a start and finish line . if u put them in then! this wud be better than crappy gt5 🙂

  2. I got That Other Space Shooter working…signed and packaged. Hope you don’t mind, and tanks for your efforts.Link– Every time I had a problem was with signing the elf to self. Remove all old EBOOT.BIN from your working directory, I think it fails to properly over write.

  3. I Signed Cubicle Shooter as well. Link– Let me know if I can do anything else or if you need any testers hit me up!!

  4. Hi there! 🙂

    I am not the kind of person to be in the “homebrew” scene, but I tried it out and played Neo Racer v0.2…Well well, I absolutely fell in love with it! 😀 Great job m8! 🙂 Hey btw, I am decent at basic texture-making nowadays, and I’d be glad to make you make some textures for Neo Racer if you wish! You can contact me at! NOTE: To get em to help you out with some textures…this means one thing: It’s one of my top 5 fav games of *ALL TIME*!! 😀 Placed at # 4 on the list, I’d be glad to help you out in any way possible that I can do (mainly texture making). I’d also like to request to be a tester for official builds before you release them publicly. 😉 Also, I have a few ideas for the game:

    1) The ability to adjust the width of the track
    2) Teamed and non-teamed races (Blue, Red, Gold & Green)
    3) The ability to choose the colour of the track and players (separate) 😉
    4) Some built in music (if possible ^^ )
    5) The ability to play songs directly from the PS3 in this game! 😀
    6) Multiplayer support (obviously 😉 )
    7) Online support *optional* for up to 4-8 players (4 players via single PS3)
    8) A “starting gate”, with the 2 red (or 1 red & 1 yellow ^^ ) and a green light to start the race off.
    9) At least 3 different models to choose from as your “ship” *optional*.
    10) “Laps” being introduced.
    11) Pillars for underneath the “track”.
    12) Weather Elements (fog, rain, thunderstorm, snow, freezing rain, blizzard, clear, night, sunny/clear (day), and wind (blow the “ship” slightly to the left or right or backwards or push them forwards, depending on the direction of wind flow ^^ ). Maybe even cloudy/overcast would do good too! 🙂

    And finally:

    13) Ability to customize the controls, and to use manual steering instead of Sixaxis.

    Ans ad a bonus:

    14) Add DualShock rumble support (eg. landing from a fall, bumping into the guard-rail or other players, bumping into the starting gate, etc.)

    I know it seems like a fuckload of ideas, and I am indeed very grateful for this game! I’ve been inspired to help you with any way (most preferably texturing, since I SUCK at coding/modeling ^^ ).

    Thanks again m8. My email is listed above! 🙂


    1. Alright, I’ve hued and desaturated a few textures for you. Enjoy! 🙂 Email me if you need me to create some more “basic” textures! 😉


  5. Hmm, I tried installing this on Kmeaw’s CFW and it won’t run (Neo Race, Neo Tanks, Maze Builder, Cascade Beneath and Don’t Get Crushed also install but don’t run) whereas Cubicle Shooter and Space Shooter installed and still run fine. If anyone gets any of those games running on Kmeaw’s CFW I’d be interested to hear how. They all sound like such fun 🙁

    1. The really old stuff (such as Maze Generator) not working is predictable. That old stuff was made to be used on older firmware with a jailbreak device and aren’t properly supported by CFW.

      But this copy of Neo Race should work…

      Are you sure you tried it with this signed copy of the game (did you download it from the links provided above or did you get it elsewhere)?

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