The Untitled Project v0.1 and source – PS3 & Windows


I haven’t been posting as much lately but here is something new I’ve been working on. I know I start too many new things but new is interesting and I assure you that I will eventually be going back and updating That Other Space Shooter, Neo Race, Cubicle Shooter, Neo Tanks and all my other stuff. I’ve actually already made a few improvements to That Other Space Shooter and I’ll probably post that sometime soon.

The Untitled Project is (or will be) a sandbox (massive and open ended streaming city) science fiction (think cyberpunk not space opera) RPG.

The setting and a few other things are different but it is in a way a spiritual successor to what The world Drowns would have been. This time around though I’m just doing all the art assets myself.

Use the left analog stick to move
right analog stick to move
X to jump
left/right on the directional pad to turn on/off a test texture
up/downt on the directional pad to increase/decrease the draw distance

The demo will occasionally freeze when loading. I know why it does this and will be correcting it soon.

Download the signed PS3 version
Alternate links

Download the unsigned PS3 version
Alternate links

Download the Windows version + Source Code
Alternate links

26 thoughts on “The Untitled Project v0.1 and source – PS3 & Windows”

    1. Its doesn’t have multiplayer yet and I hadn’t thought of it but I suppose there isn’t any reason why it could be.

      I’ve never done anything involving online communication so as awesome as it would be don’t expect online play anytime soon.

      For local play would it be alright with you if there was a limitation on how far the players could travel away from each other?

      1. Well, if its sandbox, I assume it has something to do with building right? I like to build with my friends.

        Also, why would it have to limit distance from other players? does that increase network usage or something?

        1. Sorry for the missunderstanding. When I said that its a sandbox game I meant that its an open free roaming non linear world its not a world builder

          there is a lot of optimization that can be done if you can limit the world somehow and pretend that whats outside of your view doesnt exist. The frame rate would take a major hit if your rendering drastically diffrent locations in the world.

          1. Ah, i see, my definition of sandbox is similar to minecraft or gmod.

            Couldn’t you merely acknowledge their existence, but have a render threshold so that anything too far away doesn’t get rendered? Or is that what you meant? I think you could have a large world, players able to travel wherever they want, and rendered if close enough.

          2. Yeah I’m talking about networked play, it doesn’t have to be complex at first, as in no master server, I’m sure most people who like your games know enough to open ports and stuff.

            If you don’t have enough experience for it it’s okay if you don’t add it, just a suggestion.

  1. So now that we can sign homebrew apps and games, do they show up as official when we connect to PSN or is there still the threat of being detected on CFW and banned?

    1. Its perhaps safer but its still completly plausible that Sony can and will be banning people for running homebrew. There is little they can do to stop homebrew and piracy now but they can still kick you off PSN. If you arent comfortable with the risk that you may be tomporarily or perminatly unable to connect to PSN then I wouldnt recommend using homebrew yet.

  2. cyber punk A rpg named untitled project
    haha i think you know the nameless mod for deus ex ^^
    you doing this project lonely ?

  3. Hey,(I’ve made a topic about TUP including all credit for you ofcourse)
    I think your work is GREAT, since I was a little kid I’ve always dreamed of studying game design and making a game like this, I still have 2 years of school left before I can go to a game design study, but I think you’ve made a lot of gamers’ dreams come true, I will be looking forward to new updates, I’ve tried the signed version for PS3 (v0.1), but it crashes at “LOADING”. I have no clue what it could be, I hope you can figure it out because this will probably be the best individual created game on the PS3, anyway: Keep up the good work, I’m sure it will turn out great!

    Good luck on further developing TUP!
    Don’t let Sony scare you with their lame “ban-theory”, screw them it’s time we get back at Sony for charging us way too much money for the console + games.

    1. Thanks for the free publicity.
      Have you tried running it again? As I said at the bottom of the post it does tend to freeze randomly well loading. It doesn’t happen every time though so it should be possible to get it running if you try a few times. I know whats causing it to freeze (it gets stuck in an infinite loop trying to place some things) and I will be fixing it.

    1. I cant seem to get it to load in 3d studio max 🙁
      Maybe its because I’m using an old version (I have 3ds Max 8 installed right now).

      Just go to file/export set the save as type to Wavefront Object and save it.

      The problem is though that the world in The Untitled Project isn’t just a single giant mesh its a 3d grid constructed out of reusable 3d tiles. This has major benefits that I’ll explain if you would like me to but it also means that well you can easily edit what those tiles look like you can’t really replace the game world with something completely different that you have made. At least not yet.

  4. Hey, so.. the 3.56 came out tonight, I’m not downloading it ’til there’s a new one so I can play TUP again.
    Hoping on some updates on The Untitled Project, looks amazing, got it to play last night 🙂
    But I’ve got exam week now so I wont play much, can’t play online anyway.

    1. Yeah I’m sticking on 3.55 also until some CFW for 3.56 is available. Which kinda sucks. I was one of the people that had been on old firmware since the jailbreak device had been announced and I was just starting to get use to being able to play on PSN again. But on the upside it seems like it shouldn’t take long for new CFW to show up.

      I’m glad you where able to get it to work 😀 I’ll probably be posting a small update to it sometime tomorrow.

      Good luck on your exams.

      1. Yeah, I was glad I could still play online and help some of my friends out getting some homebrew running. But I doubt that Sony wil block cfw for ever… Anyway, I got stuck in the sewer section of TUP until I figured you could jump really high haha. I was like: No way, stuck in the sewer *doh*. But you can just jump out. Yeah, my exams are over now, went pretty wel… I guess anyway 😛

        I’m still too lazy to download all the stuff for developing, altho I really wanna see if I can do it.
        Anyway, looking forward to the next update and I’ll gladly test it for you :).

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