A small step towards actual journalism

It is my understanding that there is little that games journalists talk about more then video game journalism. The consensus that tends to arise from that self analysis is that games journalists aren’t very good journalists. Admittedly that could be said of almost anyone as investigative journalism has reportedly (and promptly re reported by aggregators) died with print media. But its hard to argue video game news is fairing any better then mainstream news coverage when the leading games news sites (Kotaku and Destructoid) seem to be focused more on the speed, quantity and marketability (the last of which is what I assume has lead to the tendency towards sexploitation on both sites) of content then the quality of that content.

Now I want to preface this next bit by saying that I heart you people. You help me get feedback by posting about what I’ve been working on and you keep me informed about what other people in the scene are doing. You’re all awesome.

But seriously homebrew news sites are even worse. you’re all doing the same mad dash to stay up to date but none of you are providing much in terms of unique content. All of you post the exact same text copy/pasted from the exact same dev blogs, forum posts, IRC chats and twitter feed with only the bare minimum added for some flimsy amount of context and to instruct people to download the file linked to at the bottom of the post. Where are the lengthy essays about MENUdo or the interviews with the authors of PSL1GHT?

So I would just like to tip my imaginary hat (I’m not personally fond of wearing actual hats) to Chris over at LetsAllPlayGames.com for actually asking me a few questions about The Untitled Project. I can’t really vouch for the quality of my responses but I still think its unspeakably awesome that someone took the time to create a legitimately original post about a PS3 homebrew game I’m working on. The site has officially earned a place in my firefox bookmarks.

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