CycloDS iEvolution

DSi has been out for a while but until now it hasn’t really been possible for homebrew developers to take advantage of it. Although there have been lots of flash carts that work with DSi they all run in regular DS mode. That means that they can’t use the new stuff like the cameras, extra memory, or improved processor speed.

So that’s where the iEvolution comes in. It is the first and only cartridge that will allow for actual DSi homebrew.

And the nice people that comprise Team Cyclops where awesome enough to send out free pre production samples not only to review sites but also to a bunch homebrew developers including myself. I haven’t been able to use it yet (waiting for its firmware to be posted) but mine arrived in the mail this Tuesday and I’m totally psyched about it. Thanks, Team Cyclops.

Sorry if that came off sounding too much like and infomercial.

Edit: The firmware went up almost as soon as (or perhaps even slightly before) I made this post. I’ll talk about it later once I’ve had more time to mess around with it.

Then in a crazy coincidence of timing immediately after getting it setup and testing it I decided to head over to gbatemp to discover that the use of carts may not actually be necessary for DSi much longer.

Its amazing how a closed system like DSi remains closed for so long only to be broken open simultaneously by two unrelated exploits that where arrived at completely independently of one another.