Nintendomax DS Dev Compétition 2010

The results are in for the Nintendomax DS Dev Compétition 2010.

In the end there where a total of thirteen entries and two of them where mine. My game Multi View came in fourth place and my other game Dont Get Crushed came in tenth. I’ll admit that I was hoping that one of them might make it into the top three. If I had gotten some music or sound effects into it maybe Multi View would have made it… But I’m happy with the results. Fourth place isn’t bad considering that I never fully completed the game and was totally new to developing for the platform when I made it.

It was fun competing and learning how to code homebrew for DS. I would just like to applaud all of the other competitors on the great quality of their submissions and congratulate Sverx, Smealum and Relminator for winning.

I’m looking forward to participating in any competitions that Nintendomax has in the future.