The Untitled Project v0.1 – Wii

Here is the first release of The Untitled Project’s Wii port. As a fun side note its also my first polygonal 3D game on Wii and my first time using GX directly (I was actually going to use GL2GX but decided against it at the last minute). For anyone unfamiliar with it The Untitled Project is (or will be) an open world (massive and open ended streaming city) science fiction (think cyberpunk not space opera) action RPG.

At this point in time it in no way resembles a game. Its even more incomplete then its PC/PS3 versions. There are no collectibles, no saving, no functional elevators, no minimap, the world is smaller, there is no lighting of any kind, no mipmaps, none of the testing stuff like ghost mode or the ability to increase or decrease the draw distance is included, not only is the character you play as not animated but it doesn’t even turn to face the direction you are moving.

But its a start and on the upside it does run a lot smoother then I was expecting which has led me to believe that it could in fact end up working out well on Wii.

Use the analog stick to move, the directional Pad to turn, and the A button to jump.

Download the Wii version
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    1. The answer that I should give: Because using an additional layer of abstraction would unnecessarily hamper the performance of what I’m working on and thus limit what I can do on the platform and I have dedicated myself to creating and providing the greatest media experience possible.

      The truth: Because GL2GX was giving me compiler errors and I didn’t feel like spending time trying to correct it.

  1. Awesome idea 🙂
    I’m really REALLY looking forward to this game 😀
    Waiting for future updates 🙂 😉

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