Neo Tanks v0.1 – Wii

Here is a quick Wii port of Neo Tanks. Its a nice little animated graphical demo showing two armies of 3D tanks fighting each other. You can move the camera a bit with the directional pad but its otherwise completely non interactive. Its effectively just a screen saver.

I haven’t really decided what if anything I’m going to do with this. I might update it at some point but I’m not sure if I’ll actually be making a game out of it or not. It will probably just remain a demo.

Sorry for the lack of screenshot but I haven’t yet looked into how to go about recording the rendered screen on Wii to output as a file (the way I was doing it before was dependent on SDL). And without lowering the number of tanks to something pointless it just crashes for me in Dolphin (which is what I used to get the screenshot for the first build of the Wii port of The Untitled Project). But if you’re wondering it looks pretty much exactly the same as it does on PS3 just at a lower resolution.

EDIT: Cid2mizard was kind enough to provide screenshots.

Download the Wii version
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4 thoughts on “Neo Tanks v0.1 – Wii”

    1. For gameplay purposes or for rendering?

      Finding what direction needed to face the target tank is in is incredibly easy to do using atan2. It then slowly increases or decreases the currently stored rotation of the top and bottom section of the tank to match that angle.

      As for rendering I cheated a bit. I haven’t totally wrapped my brain around how rotation works in GX (its making me quickly nostalgic for glRotate and glTranslate) so I just manually pre calculated a few (128 to be exact) rotations of the vertex positions around the y axis for both the top and bottom sections of the tanks using a little trigonometry.

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