The Untitled Project v0.2 and source – Wii

Screenshots provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax.

I couldn’t get lighting working 🙁 I’ll try again later. But anyways here is a very small update to the Wii version of everyone favorite massively incomplete open world cyberpunk game.

moving elevators have been added
added trashcans
the spinning collectible things have also been added but you cant actually pick them up yet
I switched it to a first person view
now you use the wiimote pointer to aim and turn
instead of being treated by the collision system as though you where as tall as you where wide you now have actual height
I fixed some other flaws with the collision system
the world is slightly larger

This time around I included the source code. I would love to see any changes that anybody makes to it or anything made with it.

Download the Wii version + source
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3 thoughts on “The Untitled Project v0.2 and source – Wii”

  1. i realy like what you have going here… i here you out on your milkshap problems.. and was woundering if you got threw all that… i know that PSLIGHT has python dependinces.. maby comeing up with a method of exporting with blender with respected python scripting- one could even transfer models from milkshap to blender useing certain model conversion tricks… at anyrate… i would love to skin your model.. i can come up with all sorts of skins and graphics…crossed lindgrafed plant models; animated… i can even work realy close with you on developing texures for all walls…. let me know..

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