6 thoughts on “Super Pixel Jumper v1.1 – GP2X”

  1. Hi,

    Very nice game. I will try to develop a game for the pandora platformers contest which runs on the GP2X, too.


    1. Thanks 🙂
      Do you mean the Pandora Angst Coding Competition? The one that Super Pixel Jumper had a splash screen for? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it ended ages ago.

      EDIT: Oh or where you talking about this competition?
      I just found out about it now. I don’t think its accepting GP2X games. It seems like its exclusively for Pandora games. I could be wrong though.

      1. No, I ment the new platformers competition. I thought, if you wrote a platformer for a pandora competition, that must be THIS acatual competition. ^^ you can find it in the gp32x board.

        1. lol you posted at the same time I was editing my post. Yeah I saw it. I don’t have a Pandora to test with though so I can’t really develop for it very well 🙁

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