Multiple projects in the works

There is a lot of stuff I want to work on. Regardless of whether or not its mentioned here let me know if there is a specific project of mine that you would like to see me focus more on or something you would like to see done with any specific project.

So I sent in my submission to the competition. I ended up just shortening the title to Winter’s End. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I think it turned out really nicely except its not really a game. But anyways it should be posted in the next few days so you can try it for yourself then. I’m not going to bother trying to rush in an updated in the next few hours before the competition closes but I might go back and update it eventually.

There is a simple 2D platformer that I’ve been meaning to make (primarily for GP2X, Wii). I could probably put it together in one or two days.

I would like to port We Are Nowhere to GP2X.

I’m considering to at least try to do some software 3D stuff on GP2X… Ray casting and/or polygonal.

I was thinking of also updating the GP2X version of Revolt Of The Binary Couriers to fix up some things and bring it more inline with the Wii version (which got an update ages ago). But its such a mess that I would really prefer to just start fresh. In which case would anybody be at all interested in there being a third entry in the Pineapple Apocalypse RPG series? It would obviously be for GP2X, Wii, PC and depending on the state of the PSL1GHT SDL port potentially also PS3. There is a lot of new stuff I would like to add. Maybe this time I might actually include some kind of narrative or goal…

I want to port the GP2X version of Cascade Beneath to Wii.

I would like to do a sequel to Swing Ball with polygonal graphics and maybe a mode with 3D gameplay. It would be primarily for Wii.

I want to remake Time Frack and Time Frack 2D. I like the idea of them and it bothers me that I abandoned them both in such incomplete and buggy stages of development. Time Frack 2D would at a minimum be on both GP2X and Wii (with a lazy port of the Wii version to PC). I don’t know what platform the non 2D version would be for. Maybe PC/PS3?

There is also the unannounced new game that I’ve already begun working on for the upcoming Nintendomax competition.

I would like to do something for DS/DSi and Wii for the GBAtemp competition. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was alright to submit the same game to both it and the Nintendbomax competition but I would prefer to do something unique to each. Maybe I could do the new Swingball or Time Frack 2D game for it.

Then there is PS3. I’m going to finally try out PSL1GHT (most likely using the newly released Devkit Pro addon) in a few days. I’ll probably just put together a simple hello world style program with some pretty graphics to familiarize myself with using it.

I want to do a quick PSL1GHT remake/update of the PS3 version of Maze Generator, Cubicle Shooter, Dont Get Crushed, Cascade Beneath, Neo Tanks, Neo Race, and The Untitled Project.

I want to completely restart on making The World Drowns from scratch and write a series of tutorials showing how it was made and how to develop for PS3.

Depending on how well SDL works on it I would also like to quickly port all of my Wii SDL games to PS3 (its a reasonably long list).

On the subject of SDL games I would like to do some more Tick Tock stuff. A boat racing game, a stealth action game, a zombie shooter (a lot like They Do Not Die) and eventually a moddable open world game.

2 thoughts on “Multiple projects in the works”

  1. Dang, I can’t wait for ps3 stuff to come out.
    I would really love for you to focus on ps3, and ps3 games and homebrew.
    As for psl1ght, I suggest going over to #psl1ght on efnet in IRC. Me, the creator of devkitpro(forgot his name) darkhacker, and a bunch of other dev hang out their. Get place to chat and ask questions.
    I think ps3 has great potential but needs more devs.
    Looking at it from a monitary stand point, I think you could make some big sells if you were to sell a big game, or sell like a upgrade to a game.
    If you were to need a “sales representative” or “advertiser” or anything like that I would love to take up that opportunity.(I aways brag about you already so I could it, btw.)
    You have my full support if you focus on ps3,
    And i hope you can and will be able to.


  2. I’d like to see some updates to they do not die, unless you plan to make something better. Tdnd is probably my all time favorite out of all the things you have made. Regardless, I look forward to seeing new things!

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