Tick Tock Moddable v0.1 – Windows

Here is the first build of Tick Tock Moddable. The plan is for it to be an open world game and to be sufficiently customizable for people to use it to build their own open world games.

But right now its pretty much just Tick Tock Zombie Shooter with a few things missing and a few things added. Its not actually very customizable yet but I have externalized some variables so you can at least change a few things (like how many zombies will spawn or how quickly they move) by editing ini files. I’ll write up a manual for how to build a mod for the game once its actually possible.

I was debating whether or not I should even post it at this stage in development (as a result of how lazy I’ve been feeling for the last few days its very incomplete) but I figured I might as well release what I have since I won’t be working on it for a short while (I want to turn my focus back to what I’m doing for the upcoming Nintendomax competition).

There will be a Wii version (and possible versions for other platforms) but I’m not going to bother porting it until its more complete.

Download the Windows version

4 thoughts on “Tick Tock Moddable v0.1 – Windows”

    1. Sadly you cant drive the vehicles yet. But if you die often enough then you might get in one eventually. At the moment there is nothing stopping people (including the player) from spawning inside of a vehicle. That’s why you might see zombies being propelled at high speeds every now and then (having people inside of solid objects is obviously problematic). That’s something that will be fixed though.

      1. I think you should make it moddable but you have to do some hacking:)
        More of a challenge.
        But then again it’s a challenge to put securities on it. And if you decide you wanna really push this project, then I would make rounds, new guns, and some kind of points system to for the guns. And as the rounds progress more zombies and more health they have.
        Just some food for thought.

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