Tick Tock Moddable v0.2 – Windows

I know I said that I wasn’t going to be doing any work on this for a short while but clearly I must be some kind of lying liar who lies because I have an update to share with you all.

You still cant drive the vehicles but I’ve fixed up a lot of behind the scenes stuff and made it a bit more customizable. As a result of that additional level of customization I was able to port over TheyDoNotDie to run in the engine. Admittedly not much of an accomplishment considering that its essentially the exact same game but its a start. There is still no way to select what mod to play so if you want to play it like it was in the previous release (more tick tock zombie shooter style) then just go into the mods folder and rename the oldDefault folder to Default.

You an also change more things from the settings.ini file. I fixed up some problems with running the game at higher resolutions so you should be able to set that to whatever you want now. Now you can also turn off or on camera zoom, screen overlays and other things which will enable you to get the game running faster. One thing worth noting though is that having trackmarks turned on (which enables drawing on the ground wish is currently just used for blood and corpses) actually makes the game run faster on average though turning it off will save a very small amount of ram.

There is also an on screen frame rate counter now. I’m interested to hear how well its running for people. It performs acceptably for me as long as I keep it at 640×480 but since the game uses software rendering (I do intend to add hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering eventually but not until everything else is done) it will always be pretty taxing to play it at a higher resolution.

Download the Windows version

6 thoughts on “Tick Tock Moddable v0.2 – Windows”

    1. Wow that was a bit worse then I was expecting. What do you get if you turn off the overlays and/or camera zoom (just open setings.ini in a text editor and change the corresponding ones to zeroes).

      1. 23, sometimes 29 with everything off. but you fps counter is very erradic like its changing multiple times in one second. wait until a second has passed before you update it.

  1. wow, its clearly very interesting homebrew, i’ll reposted it on some fan portals of zombie games like Killing Floor 🙂

    p.s.From Russia with love 😉

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