Tick Tock Moddable v0.3 – Windows

Here is a very small update. Mostly changes and fixes that aren’t really noticeable from playing the game. I’m not going to bother listing everything that has changed.

I’ve begun porting another old game of mine called 1bit Invaders to run in the engine. But its not done yet so I left the clone of They Do Not Die as the default mod. As before if you want to play one of the other mods just rename the folders and feel free to try editing things.

I’ve also begun adding OpenGL support (you can turn it on by editing the settings.ini file) but right now it really just uses OpenGL as an unnecessary middleman. Everything is still rendered in software by blitting SDL surfaces and manually editing pixels and with OpenGL turned on it just converts that software rendered screen to a texture and maps it onto one quad that fills the screen. So there is no visual benefit or performance benefit yet and really the only reason to use it is if you want to record the game with fraps or some similar piece of software that is dependent on OpenGL. If you do turn on OpenGL mode you should first change the width and height of the screen to a power of two (like 512 by 512) or you can expect it to either run horribly slow or crash.

Download the Windows version

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