The Election Game v0.1 – Windows

For anyone that doesn’t know there is currently a federal election going on in Canada. Which got me thinking that it would be cool to have a Smash Bros style fighting game with Canadian politicians. Its still incomplete. But with the vote only one week away and my interest in making it dwindling I figured I should post what I’ve made so far well its still somewhat timely rather then waiting until I hypothetically finished it.

As I mentioned it was planned to be a Smash Bros style brawler but it ended up becoming more of a shooter.

Instead of having a health bar or Smash Bros style health system everyone needs to fight over the finite ridings in Parliament with the one controlling the most when time runs out (the is currently no timer) being declared the winner. Every time you attack an apposing candidate you win five ridings (with 1 per hit it moved too slowly so arbitrarily decided to make it five) from them. So attacking someone who isn’t winning in any riding will be of no benefit to you but you can potentially win without ever attacking whoever is in the lead if you can capture enough ridings from the other parties. Which I think its a somewhat interesting way to handle health in a multi person fighting game.

Every party starts out with the number of ridings that they won in the previous (2008) election. Admittedly from the perspective of gameplay balance its is a blatant injustice to leave it that way. which candidate you play as and where people are placed in the arena is currently random. Aside from a color swap the sprites are the same for every candidate. There is a long list of things that need to be changed or added.

If I completed this and ported it to Wii would anybody be interested in playing it?

Download the Windows version

Side note: If you are Canadian then you should really vote. Ideally for someone who is not a member of the Conservative Party. But that’s totally up to you. Regardless of what candidate/party you think best represents you (or if you’re feeling cynical then the one that you view as the lesser evil) just show up and vote for them. The turnout last election was just sad.

3 thoughts on “The Election Game v0.1 – Windows”

    1. I wanted to begin using the community made tools rather then the leaked SDK but I never got PSL1GHT working. I’m actually planning to try again today though so maybe I’ll have something sometime soon.

      No promises though.

      I’ve gotten interested in working on Tick Tock Moddable, the Nintendomax competition is only a month away now and I havent worked on my game for it in a while so I’m going to need to spend some time on that and If I do make this election game I would prefer to do it before the election ends so I’ll be spending the next few days on it.

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