Tick Tock Moddable v0.4 – Windows

Here is a another small update to Tick Tock Moddable.

I added a simple menu that you can use to choose what mod you want to load. I also added a Wii style pause menu. That pause menu doesn’t really scale properly yet for different resolution but its still usable even you aren’t running the game at 640×480.

Now you can enter and exit any object in the game world. Really this should be limited to vehicles but for the time being you can also enter crates and even the blasts in the 1bit Invaders mod. I like the idea of being able to hide (even if its not really hiding yet since the zombies still always know you are there) in the crates in They Do Not Die so I’m actually considering leaving it enabled for them. The controls and more noticeably the collision detection isn’t correct yet with vehicles. But I assure you that it will later work more like it does in Tick Tock Car Race.

I added a port/mod of UFO Racers. Its even less playable then the other mods but its something that will be improved upon over time.

I fixed the problem with non power of two resolutions with OpenGL but for reasons that I’m not going to bother getting into now I’ve disabled OpenGL support for now (turning it on in the settings.ini file won’t do anything). It will be brought back later.

Now the game can optionally (its on by default) remember what the floor looks like regardless of how far you travel (with it turned off things like blood and corpses disappear when you get too far away from them).

Displaying the frame rate is optional now (its also on by default).

If you are only going to play one I still recommend you play the They Do Not Die mod.

Download the Windows version