Cherophobe v1.0 – Wii & Windows


Video provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax.
You can find a screenshot here.

Here is an update to Cherophobe.

I’ve added a tile screen.
There is now a home menu pause screen.
The cursor is now a nice Wii style pointing hand.
Now when you hold down the A button you wont turn.
When you shoot the shots now go in the direction that the cursor is pointing in instead of simply going in the direction of the camera.
I tweaked a lot of number (you turn faster, enemies move faster, they do more damage, there are fewer health pickups, etc).
The controller now vibrates when you are being injured.
I’ve also added background music.

The music used in this game is Melancoly by Grace Valhalla.

Like its DS version I don’t intend to be releasing any more updates for it before the end of the competition unless someone finds a significant bug that needs fixing. I’m planning to spend the remaining days trying to finish Hero City.

Download the Wii version
Download the Windows version

4 thoughts on “Cherophobe v1.0 – Wii & Windows”

  1. I seem to have a problem with Cherophobe (and Hero City). I kept trying to download it from the Homebrew Browser, but it just crashes when I try to run it….

    But tonight my cousin brought her Wii over and I updated it to the newest Homebrew Channel and Wii system menu (just like my own wii), and I tried putting Cherophobe on her wii and it works just fine…. But it still doesn’t work on my wii, even using the same SD card. I even tried downloading it from your link here (which seems to be different than the one on the HBB in file size, and there’s no music with the HBB one) and it still doesn’t work on my wii…. What’s up with that?

    Here’s what the code dump looks like:

    Any ideas?

    1. The versions available from the homebrew browser are old. The new versions will presumably be added the next time the browser is updated.

      I dont know why it is crashing on your Wii. Do you have any USB devices or anything else plugged in that weren’t attached to your friend’s Wii?

      1. Ahah! That’s it! It’s the Gamecube controller…..

        If I have a Gamecube controller plugged in, the game crashes at start.

        If I unplug the controller, it runs fine….

        Thanks! (But you may want to look into that, heh.)

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