A final Hero City update and a multi competition entry

There are three hours left until midnight in my time zone meaning that there are three hours left until the NintendoMax Wii Dev Competition closes for me. There is also a 6 day grace period during which people competing in the GBAtemp Bounty can update their already submitted games. But the competitions are essentially closed.

Which means that I am (for the time being) done with the games I was working on for them. It is in a way a relief.

First though I finished up one final unplanned update to Hero City.

Now when you attack you can actually hurt and eventually defeat enemies. The movement of enemies and the way they turn and bump into each other and you has been smoothed out. Now you get points for defeating enemies and your high score is saved when you die. You also get experience points which are persistent (They don’t get reset to zero when you die). Your health regenerates now and when it goes down to zero you die and get sent back to the title screen. The file size is smaller. I fixed some little things.

You can download Hero City v0.4 for Wii here

I also added the required splash screen to the Wiii version of Cherophobe (which I had made for and had already entered into the GBAtemp bounty) and entered it into the NintendoMax competition. I wasn’t going to. I liked the idea of having games made specifically for each competition and only submitting them to one. But Cid2Mizard sent me a PM reminding me that it was allowed and considering how simple Cylinder Dodge is and how unpolished and incomplete Hero City remains it seemed like a good idea to get something comparatively more complete into the NintendoMax competition.

You can download the NintendoMax copy of Cherophobe v1.0 for Wii here

I’m curious to hear what people think of Hero City, Cylinder Dodge and all versions of Cherophobe.

7 thoughts on “A final Hero City update and a multi competition entry”

  1. Hero City – epic music, probably should only be played on the intro screen or when you are flying, lol. Feels like he needs gun because his hands are so short!

    Cylinder Dodge – nice perspective but needs more left/right movement range. Could probably make this into a racing game with cars and bikes.

    Cherophobe – I want infinite ammo! probably could do with a map and a gold.

    1. Very cool. I still like the arrow people though even if I’m the only person who does lol. I’m not really planning any more updates to They Do Not Die at this point.

  2. hey could you release hero city in another format other than RAR file….maybe compressed folder?

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