The NintendoMax Wii Dev Competition was extended for an additional 6 days to allow updates to be done in the same way that it was allowed for the GBAtemp Bounty. The six days are now up though for both competitions. I probably should have but I didn’t release any updates to any of my games during that time.

There is a video I haven’t posted yet of Hero City v0.4 running on Wii that you can find here. As usual it was provided by Cid2Mizard from NintendoMax who is still the only person creating video of homebrew games.

Mr. Reaper has made a Homebrew Channel theme that resembles his re skin of They Do Not Die. You can download the theme here and for anyone that doesn’t have it already you can find his TDND reskin here.

There is a game review of my GP2X version of Dont Get Crushed which can be found here at the the 2XGB blog. That is old news but 2XGB is definitely a site deserving of some recognition as it is possible the only one still actively being updated with original reviews and commentary about GP2X and what software is available for it.

I’ll probably have some “new” Wii homebrew ready to post tomorrow or the day after.

One thought on “Randomness”

  1. Thanks very much for the plug! I’ll be reviewing Super Pixel Jumper in the nearish future, incidentally; probably later this month.

    A shame if 2XGB really is the only active GP2X blog. It may be old tech these days, but the ‘2X is hardly geriatric and is still capable of playing some very nice games. I’d be delighted if anyone read what I had to say and decided to investigate the machine for themselves.

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